The Wayne County Community College District's Brown and Juanita C. Ford Art Gallery is located on the College's Downtown Campus at 1001 W. Fort in Detroit. The gallery features the work of nationally and internationally renown artists. The latest exhibition entitled ABSTRACTICA : Icons of Faith and Objects of inspiration found in artists Anita Bates' and Jocelyn Rainey's latest works. Past featured artists include John Ganis, Bill Sanders, S. Kay Young, Shirley Woodson, Senghor Reid, Chun Hui Pak, Richard Lewis, Gilda Snowden, Richard Mayhew and Benny Andrews.

Gallery hours are 10:00 A.M. to 4:30 P.M. Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. On Wednesdays, the gallery is open from 10:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M. Group tours of the gallery with docent lecture are available and may be arranged by calling (313) 496-2634 during gallery hours.



Anita Bates
Mixed Media on Paper
“My work tackles the subjects of surface and texture: specifically as they relate to decay, ruin and natural phenomena,” Bates says of her creations. “Inspiration comes from observing parts of the natural landscape that are often overlooked, such as details of rock, concrete floors, and weather-worn walls of torn down housing projects,” she continues. Bates finds beauty and interest in things and places most people do not notice. One might say that Bates oftentimes adopts the things she finds or sees, as they become a part of her work, through which and for which she lives. Although Bates begins much of her work employing what others lose, discard or disregard, she makes it easier for the viewer of her work by simply saying she has turned what she has found in nature and “civilization” into a work titled some version of “mixed media.” In this way, Bates forces the viewer to pay attention after all: “My function as an artist is to bring these surfaces to the attention of my viewer, thus increasing awareness of the world and the minutiae that surround us.” Bates earned an MFA from Wayne State University, an MA from Eastern Michigan University and has studied in Paris, France and at the College of Creative Studies.

Jocelyn Rainey
In my Genes  

Oil & Collage on Canvas
Former WCCCD student and Abstractica artist Jocelyn Rainey is thrilled to return to her alma mater. WCCCD is where Rainey completed her liberal arts studies while she attended Detroit's College of Creative Studies. “I am full of joy that WCCCD picked me for a show,” Rainey says. Abstractica represents yet another special achievement by Rainey since she re-learned to walk after an unfortunate yearlong paralysis when Rainey was in her twenties. Rainey discloses, “My left hand was the last thing to become mobile and that's why you see the hand symbol in my painting, the hand is a symbol of my faith.” After Rainey found her path to art, her healed hands revealed special artistic gifts, including figurative and assemblage works. She explains, “The formal structure of my painting is based on texture, color and light. Building varied surfaces in the painting using collage and found objects provide a rich interior landscape for brilliant color application and allows for exploration of the mysteries of light and shadow.”  Rainey earned her MFA from Wayne State University and her BFA from the College of Creative Studies.