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HLC Tools and Resources

HLC Tools and Resources


Top 10 Aspects of the Assurance Argument (aka- Self-Study)

  1. Leadership makes Assurance Argument a Priority
  2. Archive all evidence in an organized and systematic manner for quick reference and support to assurance argument
  3. Gather input from many Readers–faculty, staff, community partners, businesses, advisory committees
  4. Engage the community with several forms of communication
  5. Develop maps, reference tools, signage, and educational resources
  6. Provide evidence of what you do very well “Not the time for modesty”
  7. Be clear and provide evidence for all planning and improvements made to support student success
  8. Know the mission statement
  9. Understand the strategic plan and how your role is aligned with the institution
  10. Update all institutional documents and informational materials used to support services and programs


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