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Help Desk

Welcome to the Information Technology Help Desk…

If you would like a Helpdesk Login Guide demo, please click the link below. Note: The following link is for WCCCD faculty/staff only. When accessing  this page, be sure to put wcccd\ in front of your username.(eg. wcccd\smith1)

Help Desk Demo

The Help Desk is a team of IT staff formed to provide technical support for faculty and staff using WCCCD computer technology to conduct business functions, in addition to providing support and ongoing maintenance for instructional technology centers & classrooms for students.  The team consists of individuals from various technical backgrounds and is strategically structured to effectively address an array of technical related concerns to ensure adequate resolutions as required.  The team members are committed to servicing the District to offer timely resolutions for technical computer related concerns. 

The Help Desk is centrally located downtown in the Distict Administration Building.  A three-tier support structure allows the Help Desk to effectively address an array of technical/computer related concerns ranging from desktop support to networking and internet services.  1st level support is your first point of contact.  This team offers phone support to end-users and work closely with 2nd and 3rd level teams to ensure adequate resolutions as required. 

I.          Support Services

Service offerings consist of a range of support services, such as desktop support, networking, hardware, software (including installation & assistance with MS Office applications), email, printers, systems password modifications, account activations, and general systems support.

There are three avenues to request technical support:

  1. Open a trouble ticket by using the Help Desk  icon located on your desktop or click here.
  2. Call Help Desk at 313-496-2666 (A trouble-ticket will be opened for you if you do not have access to a working computer)
  3. Send an email to helpdesk@wcccd.edu.

II.        Trouble-Ticket Priorities

Reported trouble is addressed based on a priority ranking of critical, high, medium or low.  The magnitude, importance and time criticality of the trouble being reported is factored into prioritizing the problem.  In most instances, student/classroom issues are addressed first; unless a business critical problem or emergency situation occurs simultaneously.

An example of what constitutes a critical problem follows:

  1. Magnitude:   Problem impacts all or a significant percentage of users and there is no work-around solution. 
  2. Importance:  Problem interferes with classroom instruction, is a mission critical business function, or involves potential loss of mission critical information. 
  3. Time criticality:  Activity or event is already in progress and cannot be made-up or rescheduled, immediate action could eliminate or mitigate the problem, and the condition/problem will persist until resolved.

  These three mitigating factors are used as a guide to rate the priority of any given problem. 

III.       Special Events

If you are hosting a special event that will require the use of technical equipment, such as computers, printers, and/or technical support, please make sure a trouble ticket is completed prior to the event.  It is imperative that the date of the event is noted within the trouble ticket.  This will allow adequate time for IT to plan, identify and mark the computers/equipment to be moved; in addition to allotting time to connect, configure, and test the systems prior to the event.

Note:  In most cases, the IT Help Desk does not move the computers/equipment, or set-up booths, tables, etc.  Contact the Facilities and/or the Auxiliary departments for equipment moves.  Once the equipment/computers have been moved, the IT Help Desk can connect, configure, or conduct other IT functions as necessary.

V.        Student Support

Online students experiencing technical difficulties should first verify the WCCCD IT systems requirements (found on the IT homepage) when using a non-WCCCD computer. 

When technical support is required, staff/faculty assisting student(s) should contact the Help Desk for the student.  If necessary, Help Desk personnel will ask to speak to the student(s) concerning trouble.

If student is away from campus and contacts a department area (e.g. registration, accounts receivable, financial aid, etc.), it is suggested that staff of that department verify that trouble is of a technical nature.

VI.       FAQs

1. Q:  I need Microsoft Office Suite on my home computer.  Can the Help Desk install the software for me or give me the software to install for myself?

A:  No.  The Help Desk only supports WCCCD equipment.  However, staff and faculty can borrow software from the library.

2. Q:  I’m moving to another office location.  I need the Helpdesk to move my computer/printer for me?

A:  The Facility and Auxiliary departments are responsible for moving and conducting inventory of the college’s equipment; including computers and other technical equipment.

3. Q:  My printer is out of toner.  Can the Help Desk bring me toner and install it in my printer?

A:  The toners are provided through the automated managed print services program. You may send an email to printersupport@wcccd.edu if you want to report a printer issue.

4. Q:  How long do I have to wait to get my computer fixed?

A:  Repairs can vary from an estimated repair time of immediate to several days or more. Hardware issues may take longer than other issues if repair parts have to be ordered. In addition, the priority of the trouble is highly factored into the repair time.

5. Q:  I’m having trouble with my Blackboard account.  Can you reset my password?

A:  Blackboard students should contact the Distance Learning department at 866-846-8494 or email distancelearning@wcccd.edu


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