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Jan 15 to Feb 27 - High School Student Essay Writing Contest

Jan 21 to Feb 25 - Hear and Now Series Performers Expo

January 26 to 29 - Spring 2015 Welcome Week Collegiate Fair

January 26 to 29 - Welcome Week programs at Downtown Campus

January 26 to 29 - Welcome Week programs at Downriver Campus

January 26 to 29 - Welcome Week programs at Western Campus

January 26 to 29 - Welcome Week programs at Northwest Campus

January 26 to 29 - Welcome Week programs at Eastern Campus

January 26 to 29 - Welcome Week programs at University Center

January 29 - Student Advocacy Day

February 2 - Master Harold and the Boys

February 5 - David Philpot "Point in Time"

February 6 - Microsoft Word at Eastern Campus

February 10 - Microsoft Word and PowerPoint Basics

February 12 - Federal Workstudy Off-site Job Fair

February 12 - Timothy Orikri "URBAN BEAUTY"

February 17 - District Wide Book Clubs

Feb 17 & March 24 - Using the LRC Resources

February 20 - Microsoft PowerPoint Basics

February 21 - The 13th Annual Passport to Africa

March 7 - Performers Expo 2015

March 17 - District Wide Book Clubs

March 25 - UM Flint WCCCD Open House

March 29 - U.S. Army Field Band and Soldier's Chorus

April 21 - District Wide Book Clubs

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Adult Education Program

Mission: The Adult Basic Education Program at Wayne County Community College District is a free comprehensive program whose mission is to enhance the educational, cultural and economic development of the community by providing a full range of quality educational courses and services.

Eligibility: Students must be 18 years of age or older to qualify for enrollment in the Adult Education Program at WCCCD. The program provides instruction for students to improve their basic literacy skills in preparation for the completion of their GED. 

The ABE/Adult education student uses the college admission application as the applications for enrollment. This allows the student to begin to become a part of WCCCD setting.

Student ID
All students receive a Wayne County Community College District Student ID. The ID allows them to have access to the computer labs, learning resource centers, career planning and placement offices, campus parking and tutorial labs.

Orientation: All students wishing to enroll in the Adult Basic Education Program must complete an orientation which take about three (3) hours. Students receive information on the programs’ policies and procedures and take a campus tour. They also complete the TABE (Test of Adult Basic Education) Exam in preparation for appropriate class placement and an individual Learning Plan which provides directions for students to complete the program.

Class Selection : Students are assisted in selecting courses that best fit their individual Learning Plan. The program curriculum includes: Math, Science, Reading, Social Studies, Language Arts and Career and Personal Development.

Career Planning: Through Career Exploration students are acquainted with the demands of the world of work. Instructors and advisors and the staff in the Office of Career Planning and Placement provide instruction in resume writing, interview techniques job search and dressing for success.

Tutoring: Tutorial services are available for students enrolled in the adult education program.

Location of classes:

Downriver Campus
21000 North line Road
Taylor Michigan 48180
Classes are held Monday -Thursday from 9:30a.m. - 1:30p.m.

Northwest Campus
8200 West Outer Drive
Detroit, MI 48219
Classes are held Monday -Thursday from 9:30a.m. - 1:30p.m. & 5:00p.m.- 9:00p.m.

Eastern Campus
5901 Conner
Detroit, MI 48213
Classes are held Monday - Thursday from 9:30a.m. - 1:30p.m. & 5:00p.m.- 9:00p.m.

Little Rock Urban Institute
8801 Woodward
Detroit, MI 48202
Monday - Thursday from 9:30a.m to 1:30p.m.

Graduation: A graduation ceremony is held once a year. Graduates are honored in a cap and gown ceremony. Certificates of completion are presented to the students who have successfully passed the GED exam. Certificates of achievement are presented to those students who have passed a part of the GED exam.

GED Testing Sites

The staff assists students with finding the most economical place(s) to take the GED Exam. We assist the student with registering for the test and provide an introductory letter to take to the testing site.

College Setting
The college campus setting allows the students to walk the halls with other students who are in college. Having to walk through the door to attend classes reduces the fear of what a college setting is like.

District Contact: 313-496-2634
Mr. Brian Singleton, Vice Chancellor of Student Services
Ms. Ilanda Robertson, Secretary

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