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In compliance with the Student Right-to-Know and Campus Security Act enacted Nov. 8, 1990, later formally renamed the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act, and commonly referred to as simply the Clery Act. The Wayne County Community College District's Police Authority Department collects and publishes specific information on campus crime statistics, security policies and services. The information is summarized in this document. The Wayne County Community College District’s Police Authority Department is service-oriented, trained in professional standards and dedicated to the safety and comfort of our students, faculty, staff and visitors. Our primary concern is to protect life and property and to allow the educational process to evolve safely.

Crime Reporting - All criminal incidents and emergency situations are to be immediately reported to the Police Authority officer located at the security station at each of the District's campus facilities. Depending on the nature of the situation, appropriate police authorities will be contacted. Incident reports are prepared and reviewed by the District administrative personnel, and, if warranted, further actions are taken as governed by law, employee labor contracts, and student conduct policies. All staff, faculty, students, and visitors are encouraged to report any suspicious persons, activities, events, as well as actual incidents and emergency situations to the District security personnel immediately.


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