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In order to receive Federal Financial Aid, regulations require that all students make continued progress in their educational program. This requirement is called Satisfactory Academic Progress and will be monitored by the District Financial Aid Office. In accordance with Federal Regulations the District Financial Aid Office’s policy will be to check Satisfactory Academic Progress, minimally at intervals of one year.

The Federal Government has established the following Standards for Satisfactory Academic Progress:
Qualitative Standard
By the end of the first academic year (regardless of how many credits the student has accrued), the student must have a C average or its equivalent. The District Financial Aid Office will review the qualitative progress after each academic year. In order to continue to receive financial aid a student must:
• Maintain at least a cumulative 2.0 GPA

Quantitative Standard
The Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy also includes a quantitative component. A student who is maintaining a high GPA by withdrawing from every course he attempts after the first year would meet a qualitative standard (GPA) but wouldn’t be progressing toward graduation. Therefore, the institution must set a maximum time frame in which a student is expected to finish a program and a measure to determine the percentage of credit hours completed versus those attempted.

The District Financial Aid Office will review the quantitative progress after each academic year. In order to continue to receive financial aid a student must:
• Complete a program of study within 150% of the credits required to graduate. If a major requires 60 credit hours for graduation, a student must complete the program in no more than 90 credit hours.
• Successfully complete at least 67% of all attempted credits.
A student must receive a passing grade in at least 2 out of every 3 classes in which he or she is enrolled.
Non-credit courses are not included in the calculation of financial aid, and are therefore not counted as credit hours attempted. Transfer credit, remedial and repeated courses will be counted as credit hours attempted. Withdrawal grades (W and XW) and incomplete grades (I) will be counted as credit hours attempted. Transfer credit, remedial credit and repeated courses will also be counted as credit hours attempted.
Financial aid funds may not be used to cover the cost of non-credit courses, therefore they are not counted as credit hours attempted. Institutional withdrawal grades (WI) will not be counted as credit hours attempted.

Repeated and developmental courses are added into credits attempted and are used in the calculation of attempted credits verses completed credits.  Up to 30 credits of combined developmental and ESL courses can be funded with federal student aid.

Students seeking a second Associate’s Degree, who are not meeting the quantitative standard of 150%, would need to submit an appeal (please refer to the Appeal Process below) in order to have reinstatement of eligibility considered.  Successfully completed credits that apply to the second degree will be considered in the appeal review.

SAP Evaluation

Financial Aid Disqualification:
• Students who are not making satisfactory academic progress will be placed on financial aid disqualification and will be notified of their financial aid status.
• Students who are placed on financial aid disqualification will be ineligible to receive federal financial aid for the next semester of enrollment unless they have an approved SAP Appeal.
• Students may appeal the disqualification of their financial aid by documenting any extenuating and/or mitigating circumstances that may have led to their inability to maintain satisfactory academic progress. Students who submit a financial aid appeal are not automatically reinstated for financial aid. The SAP Committee considers the student’s written appeal, other supporting documentation, and federal regulations when making a final determination of financial aid reinstatement.

SAP Appeal Process
If a student has experienced a significant circumstance which they feel has had an impact on their ability to make satisfactory academic progress, they have the opportunity to file an appeal with the District Financial Aid Office.

Significant circumstances include:
1. Death of student’s close relative
2. Injury or illness of student
3. Personal tragedy or event

A completed SAP Appeal form must be submitted along with documentation supporting the significant event or circumstance. The appeal must include an explanation of why the student failed to meet the SAP requirements and what has changed in their situation that will allow the student to meet the requirements for the next evaluation.

An appeal form is available on the college website at The appeal form and all supporting documentation will be received by the District Financial Aid Office.
All SAP appeals will be reviewed by the WCCCD SAP Committee. All decisions made by this committee are final. Notification of the decision will be emailed to the student’s WCCCD email account.

Appeal Decisions
• Probation – One semester eligibility. Student must be able to meet SAP Standards within the given semester of eligibility.
• Academic Plan – Academic Year eligibility. Student must adhere to the academic plan approved during the appeal process by passing all classes with a C or better and no withdrawals or walk aways. Failure to do so will result in termination of financial aid eligibility.
• Financial aid eligibility is terminated for students who did not meet the SAP standards or have acceptable extenuating circumstances. Students are eligible to appeal this termination decision during the following semester.

• Students who failed to meet the requirements of Satisfactory Academic Progress will be notified of their status through their WCCCD student email account and Web Gate.
• All SAP decisions will be sent to the student’s WCCCD email account and Web Gate.

Regaining Eligibility

Students who lose their financial aid eligibility because they fail to meet satisfactory academic progress will regain eligibility when it is determined that they are again meeting both the qualitative and quantitative standards. They are responsible for the payment of tuition and fees until financial aid eligibility is regained. When satisfactory academic progress standards are met, eligibility is regained for subsequent terms of enrollment.

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