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Sept. 15 to 19 - Downriver Campus Welcome Week

Sept. 15 to 19 - Downtown Campus Welcome Week

Sept. 15 to 19 - Northwest Campus Welcome Week

Sept. 15 to 19 - Mary Ellen Stempfle University Center Welcome Week

Sept. 15 to 19 - Eastern Campus Welcome Week

Sept. 15 to 19 - Western Campus Welcome Week

Sept. 16 to 18 - Fall 2014 Welcome Week Collegiate Fair

September 22 - Classic Car Show @ Northwest Campus

September 23 - Film Screening with Curtis Chin

September 23 - College Night at the Western Campus

September 24 - LRC Informational Sessions: Microsoft Word Basics @ Downtown Campus

September 25 - All About the Arts - The American Songbook

September 26 - Community Concert

September 26 - Global Conversations: Yxta Maya Murray

September 27 - Breast Cancer Awareness

September 27 - Family Safety Fair and Open House

September 27 - Live Burn Training

September 30 - 2014 Chancellor's Banquet with Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson

October 7 - Annual College Night

October 9 - All About the Arts - RJ Spangler's Kansas City Six

October 11 - Health and Wealth Expo

October 14 - LRC Informational Sessions: Microsoft Word Basics @ Eastern Campus

October 16 - All About the Arts - Downtown Detroit's Magnificent Movie Palaces

October 22 - LRC Informational Sessions: Microsoft PowerPoint Basics

Oct/Nov - LRC Informational Sessions: Preparing and Writing an A+ Research Paper

October 24 - Global Conversations with Dr. Michael Eric Dyson

October 25 - 4th Annual Halloween Family Fun Day

October 30 - All About the Arts - Canvas Detroit

November 7 - Red Green Show

Nov 25 - Dec 7 - Fall Student Art Exhibits

UM-Flint WCCCD Campus Visits 2014

Learning Centers

The District provides supportive services through its Learning Centers located at each campus. The centers provide academic skill building for individuals and groups. Students can receive individualized or group tutoring in English, mathematics, science, study skills, humanities, social sciences, and accounting. Each Learning Center houses a wide range of equipment and materials to address various levels of learning difficulties. Students can use audiotapes, videotapes, classroom textbooks and computers.

Students who need help to improve their writing and reading in English because English is not their native language or because of difficulty in completing college courses successfully are advised to take non-credit courses in English as a Second Language(ESL). These courses are also designed to help improve students’ English speaking and listening abilities. Students should contact the Learning Center to make arrangements to take the ESL placement examination.

The ACCESS program provides students access to all College occupational, technical, and vocational programs. Students who are academically or economically disadvantaged, disabled, or limited English speaking are provided academic assistance, supportive services, and personal and career counseling. Each student is given the opportunity to realize his/her maximum potential which is achieved by formal and informal assessments.

In addition to the above direct services, other specialized services are available based on academic or special needs including individualized tutoring, sign language interpreters, note takers, readers, referral services, equipment modification, instructional aids, telecommunication devices for the deaf, brailler, braille and taped materials, foreign-language support services, curriculum modification, adaptive computer equipment, and computer-assisted instruction.

Services are available to students who are enrolled or intend to enroll in occupational, technical, and vocational programs or courses. Students who are eligible for supportive services are:

  1. Students with an academic or economic need.
  2. Students whose native language is other than English.
  3. Students with a physical or mental learning disability. (Students who are designated as disabled, either physically or mentally, must present medical documentation).


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