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Processing of Requisitions

PURPOSE: To establish and maintain procedures for the initiation, authorization and processing of purchase requisitions to procure goods and services.

SCOPE: The provisions of this procedure apply to all employees of the Wayne County Community College District authorized to initiate, approve and process requisitions.

RESPONSIBILITY: The initiator of the requisition shall be responsible for providing all pertinent information about the items or services to be procured. Budget heads are responsible for ensuring budget availability for issued requisitions. The Purchasing Department will be responsible for processing the requisition and acquiring goods and services per specifications and information referenced in the requisition.

Requisitions shall be processed through the Automated Finance System (BANNER).

A. Requisitions generated by District employees shall contain the following information:

  1. Date
  2. Department
  3. Account Number
  4. Delivery Information (campus, building, room number, delivery date)
  5. Departmental justification
  6. Name of preferred supplier/vendor (include address and phone number)
  7. Initiator's telephone number
  8. Initiated by (whom), month, day
  9. Quantity
  10. Unit of measure (Ea., Dz., Roll, Reel, Set, Pair, etc.)
  11. Item(s) description, brand name, manufacturer, part number, color, type, class, grade, etc.
  12. Unit cost
  13. Total
  14. Special conditions (if applicable: safety concerns, special packaging, transportation)

System will assign requisition a number, which requestor should record for reference.

(Only commercial items, supplies and furniture will be ordered. Purchases of items considered to be of luxury nature such as leather goods, high-grade furniture and others are discouraged.)

NOTE : If purchase is of an urgent nature special handling is required, the requestor may call in the requisition number to the Purchasing Department. Requisition processing will be expedited.

A. All requisitions will be processed and verified by requestor, ensuring that the required budget signatory approvals and accounting codes are included. The Banner system contains appropriate approval routing for requisition approvals.

B. Quotes obtained by requestors may be faxed/mailed to purchasing, along with specification sheets and/or catalog pictures, if applicable. All quotes are time driven.

C. Requisitions will be processed through the automated approval process and forwarded to Purchasing.

D. The Purchasing Department will receive and process the requisition.

E. The responsible Buyer will process the requisition by selecting one of the methods for competitive solicitation, in compliance with the provisions of District.

F. A Purchase Order will be issued to the vendor by the Purchasing Department.

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