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About the Program

The FWS Program was established by Congress as part of the Economic Opportunity Act of 1964. Its purpose is the promotion of part-time employment for students with financial need in order to achieve three main goals:

  • to assist FWS students in earning money to meet their educational costs
  • to provide work experience related to the FWS student's chosen academic major or career field; and
  • to improve relations between the WCCCD and the community.

FWS is a federally-subsidized program in which wage costs provided by the federal government. FWS Students may be employed by WCCCD, Nebraska Bookstore or non-profit organizations working for the public good. Due to its federal funding, the FWS Program must adhere to strict regulations enacted by Congress and enforced by the U.S. Department of Education.

Relationship with the District Financial Aid Office

At WCCCD the FWS Program is overseen by the FWS. The District Financial Aid Department Office administers the funding for each FWS student.

Eligibility: Participation in the FWS program is determined by the FWS student's financial need (total cost of attending WCCCD, minus family contribution) and is awarded as part of a financial aid package.  FWS is considered a "self-help" component of a FWS student's financial aid.

Earnings Limit: On their Financial Aid Announcements, FWS students are granted a FWS earnings limit. This is the maximum amount which may be earned by the FWS student during the academic year. FWS Students approaching the limit who believe their financial circumstances have changed since accepting the original aid package should contact the District Financial Aid Department and appeal for an extension of their earnings limit.

A FWS student hired through the FWS program is responsible for monitoring his or her earnings to ensure compliance with this prescribed limit. FWS Students should therefore arrange their work schedules to avoid either under earning or prematurely reaching their limits. FWS Students are responsible for earning the entire award that has been calculated into their financial aid package. If a FWS student does not reach his limit and requires the full award to meet his or her expenses, the balance must be made up through other resources.

FWS students should be aware that their limits may be decreased during the academic year if unanticipated resources (e.g., scholarships) affect their financial aid packages. Increases may also occur due to changing family financial circumstances. Both the FWS student and the supervisor will be notified if an award is changed. Also, FWS student aid packages for the following year may be affected if a FWS student earns more than is authorized.



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