Assess your compatibility for On-line, ITV, and Live-Interactive Online  instruction by completing the Distance Learning Self-Assessment below:
Wayne County Community College District
Distance Learning Self Assessment
Please complete the following by marking the response that best applies to you:

Are you a visual learner?

2. Are you a self-directed individual?
3. Do you prefer working independently of classroom interaction?
4. Do you function well in unsupervised situations?
5. Do you avoid procrastination?
6. Do you prefer to work with an instructor on a weekly basis as opposed to only when you need to?
7. Do you take good notes?

Do you normally complete tasks in a timely manner?

9. Do you handle multiple responsibilities well?
10. Do you use a computer at least once a day?
  7-10 : You are a good candidate for Online courses.
  5-6 : You may need to develop time management and self-discipline skills to succeed in online courses; or alternatively you may want to consider taking on-campus courses, ITV or Live-Interactive Online courses.
  4 or less : You may want to consider taking on campus, ITV or Live-Intractive online courses.