Jan 9 Financial Aid Marathon Northwest Campus
  Jan 21 - Feb 25 Hear and Now Series Performers Expo See Flyer
  Jan 15 - Feb 27 High School Student Essay Writing Contest All campuses
  Jan 26 Open Library Orientation Western Campus
  Jan 26 - 29 Welcome Week programs at Downtown Campus Downtown Campus
  Jan 26 - 29 Spring 2015 Welcome Week Collegiate Fair See Flyer
  Jan 29 Student Advocacy Day Eastern Campus
  Feb 2 Master Harold and the Boys Downriver Campus Performing Arts Center
  Feb 5 David Philpot "Point in Time" Northwest Campus
  Feb 6 Microsoft Word at Eastern Campus Eastern Campus
  Feb 9 Young' Men for Education Advocacy Group Downtown Campus
  Feb 9 - 13 Tuskegee Airmen Aviation Week Eastern Campus
  Feb 10 Microsoft Word and PowerPoint Basics Downtown Campus
  Feb 12 Federal Workstudy Off-site Job Fair Downtown Campus
  Feb 12 Timothy Orikri "URBAN BEAUTY" Downriver Campus
  Feb 17 Carole Harris "Rhythmic Depiction" Downtown Campus
  Feb 17 District Wide Book Clubs All Campuses
  Feb 17 & March 24 Using the LRC Resources Western Campus
  Feb 20 Microsoft PowerPoint Basics Eastern Campus
  Feb 21 Passport to Africa Downtown Campus
  Feb 25 Sophomore Night  
  Feb 25 Library and Educational Applications for Student Success Downriver Campus
Northwest Campus
  March 2 Summer 2015 Financial Aid Workshop All Campuses
  March 7 Performers Expo 2015 Downriver Campus Performing Arts Center
  March 10 Chinese Language & Culture Downtown Campus Language Institute
  March 12 How to Maximize Google for Student Success Northwest Campus
  March 12&25 Preparing and Writing an A+ Paper See flyer
  March 17 District Wide Book Clubs All Campuses
  March 19 R.J. Spangler Trio Western Campus
  March 25 UM Flint WCCCD Open House University Center
  March 29 U.S. Army Field Band and Soldier's Chorus Downriver Campus Performing Arts Center
  March 31 Using the LRC Resources Downtown Campus
  April 8 Veterinary Technology Open House and Orientation Wayne State University
  April 15 An Insider's View of the Orchestra Downriver Campus Performing Arts Center
  April 15 Job Fair at Eastern Campus Eastern Campus
  April 16&22 Conducting Genealogy Research see flyer
  April 16 - 30 Spring Student Art Downriver Exhibit Downriver Campus
  April 18 Bridge to Asia Downriver Campus
  April 21 District Wide Book Clubs All Campuses
  April 24 Phi Theta Kappa Annual Spring Induction Downriver Campus
  April 25 Spencers Theatre of Illusion Downriver Campus Performing Arts Center
  May 2 Mental Health Care Symposium "What Families Can Do" Downriver Campus Performing Arts Center
  May 7 Tech Nite Northwest Campus
  May 7 Community Workshop: Foster Parents are the Team Leaders Northwest Campus
  May 9 & 16 Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam Review Northwest Campus
  May 16 8th Annual Chancellor's Reading Carnival Downtown Campus
  May 27 Eat Healthy, Be Active Mary Ellen Stempfle Unviersity Center

For more information or to Schedule events please contact

Annette Black
Provost of Student Services

(313) 496-2634



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