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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Financial Aid

We understand that the COVID-19 pandemic has many of our students facing challenges in employment, childcare availability and course delivery. During this time, we understand you need immediate up-to-date information regarding your financial aid eligibility. You can rely on this Frequently Asked Questions page for updates and information regarding WCCCD’s District Financial Aid Office and services. It will answer your questions about ways to contact the District Financial Aid Office (DFAO); disbursements and refunds; emergency grants; Federal Work Study; books and relief for federal student loan borrowers.


How can I check my financial aid status and contact the District Financial Aid Office (DFAO)?

Check your financial aid status on Web-Gate regularly by logging on to Web-Gate at www.wcccd.edu. Select Student Requirements to review all outstanding documents and track the receipt and completion of required documents. Review messages to see personalized communication from the DFAO regarding your account. After reviewing Web-Gate, if there are questions, you may contact the DFAO at (313) 496-2865 or financialaid@wcccd.edu.



How can I submit forms and required documentation?

Most financial aid documents can be submitted by attaching them to your form when completing your Dynamic Form or your WCCCD Student Forms portal at wcccd.verifymyfafsa.com. Please only submit forms that are requested on Web-Gate or WCCCD Student Forms. You may also fax documents to (313) 963-8568 or email to financialaid@wcccd.edu.



Will disbursements and refunds still occur?

The District Financial Aid Office and the Office of the Bursar continue to authorize disbursement and issue refunds according to our normal process and policy. You may review this information here.



Will I be able to request help for financial emergencies related to the COVID-19 Pandemic?

WCCCD is grateful to the US Department of Education for identifying a significant funding source to support our students during this unprecedented health and economic crisis. For information on how to apply for the CARES/CRRSAA Act Funding, click here.



What happens if I withdraw from my classes?

We understand that you may be facing additional responsibilities at home and work. You may also be experiencing some challenges due to the shift in course delivery. Please know it is still important for you to stay enrolled and pass your courses.

At this time, federal regulations still require the District Financial Aid Office to count withdrawals for Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) evaluation and make adjustments to financial aid awards when enrollment statuses change. More information about what happens when you withdraw from courses covered by financial aid is available by clicking here.



How will COVID-19 impact my student loan repayment options?

The president signed the CRRSAA Act into law, which, among other things, provides relief for federal student loan borrowers. For details about how the CRRSAA Act impacts federal student loan repayment, defaulted loans, and Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF), read our latest updates from Federal Student Aid here: https://studentaid.gov/announcements-events/coronavirus#borrower-questions



What if I have been selected to submit identification documents and an Identity &Statement of Educational Purpose form?

As a result of COVID-19, we were given flexibility on the following items:

  • At the current time, you do not have to appear in person to show a government issued ID and signature from a campus representative
  • You can submit a copy of your government issued ID that expired on or after March 1, 2020
  • At this time, you are not required to get your Identity & Statement of Educational Purpose form notarized



How do I get technology assistance for issues such as Web-Gate, Blackboard and Dynamic Forms?

You may contact Student Services at (313) 496-2634 for technology issues related to Web-Gate and Blackboard. If you have difficulty logging in to Dynamic Forms you may contact the Help Desk at ngsupport@ngwebsolutions.com or 904-332-9001.



How do I obtain a Plan of Work to submit with my SAP Appeal?

If you have received a requirement on Web-Gate for a Plan of Work, you may contact Student Services at (313) 496-2634 to request a call with an advisor to complete your Plan of Work. Once completed, a copy of your Plan of Work should be submitted with your appeal.

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