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Podcast 30:

Tune into to our latest podcast featuring Dr. John Hartig, Visiting Scholar at the Great Lakes Institute for Environmental Research at the University of Windsor in Canada. Dr. Hartig shares his expert insights on the initiatives to maintain the cleanliness of the Great Lakes, explores strategies for fostering environmental sustainability, and discusses his acclaimed book, Waterfront Porch.


Podcast 29:

Listeners can learn about the inspiring career journey of Jennyfer Crawford-Williams, founder and CEO of "Ask Jennyfer," in our latest podcast episode. Gain insights into her path to success as an entrepreneur and her mission to empower local businesses. Tune in for valuable advice and inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs everywhere.


Podcast 28:

Our latest podcast features Wendy Ekua (W.E.) Da’Cruz.  In addition to being the founder and CEO of the Mushroom Angel Company, she is widely recognized as The Digital Diplomat™ for her efforts in promoting digitalization to help drive economic development.  W.E. shares her remarkable career journey and offers listeners tips on how to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams.


Podcast 27:

Join us for another exciting episode with special guest Joseph Gruber who serves as the Community Economic Development Director for the City of Wyandotte. Gain valuable insight into Wyandotte’s real estate development, infrastructure, and ongoing public improvement projects.


Podcast 26:

In this podcast, guest Mary Bohling, District 12 Director of the Michigan State University (MSU) Extension, shares information about the MSU Extension and resources such as the Downriver Linked Greenways and the Michigan Sea Grant. MSU Extension, the community outreach arm of the university, helps Michigan communities, families, individuals and businesses transform and grow through locally-based education.


Podcast 25:

Tune into our latest podcast featuring Ron Hinrichs, president and CEO of the Southern Wayne County Regional Chamber (SWRC), to learn about SWRC initiatives, business networking opportunities and how the organization continues to positively impact the region.


Podcast 24:

Our latest podcast features the Director of the Brownstown Downtown Development Authority (DDA) Sue Trussell. Tune in to learn about exciting projects such Destination Downriver and how the Brownstown DDA is making a positive impact across the region.


Podcast 23:

Join host Ed Clemente and Christopher Girdwood, executive director of the Detroit Region’s Aerotropolis, to learn about the Aerotropolis and how it impacts our region’s economic development.


Podcast 22:

During this podcast, Vicki Selva, executive director of the Michigan Defense Center and Senior Strategic Advisor for the Michigan Economic Development Corporation, shares information about the Michigan Defense Center, its impact on the economy and future projects.


Podcast 21:

In this podcast, Jim Perry, executive director of the Downriver Community Conference (DCC), shares information about the DCC's programs, it's history and community partnerships. 


Podcast 20:

Tune into our latest podcast featuring Dave Lorenz, vice president of Travel of Michigan, to learn about Pure Michigan’s tourism initiatives, how COVID-19 has impacted the state’s tourism industry and trends for future travel. 


Podcast 19:

WCCCD’s Critical Conversations Podcast team welcomed the Executive Director of Southeast Michigan Council of Governments (SEMCOG), Kathleen Lomako. SEMCOG supports local planning through its technical, data, and intergovernmental resources. In this podcast, Ms. Lomako provides insight into how the organization works to improve the quality of the region's water, make the transportation system safer and more efficient, revitalize communities, and spur economic development.


Podcast 18:

In this podcast, Dr. Britany Affolter-Caine, executive director of the Michigan’s University Research Corridor (URC), shares information about the URC, an alliance of Michigan State University, the University of Michigan and Wayne State University. One of the nation's top university innovation clusters, the URC is focused on increasing economic prosperity and connecting Michigan to the world. 


Podcast 17:

This special edition of WCCCD’s Critical Conversations Podcast features the Consul General of Canada, Mr. Joseph Comartin.  Listeners will learn about current initiatives and the value of maintaining a good-standing relationship between the United States and Canada. 

  Podcast 16:

In this episode, guest Ron Kagan, CEO of the Detroit Zoological Society (DZS), talks about the mission of the DZS, the organization’s efforts towards wildlife conservation and animal welfare and its commitment to progressive resource management and environmental leadership.

  Podcast 15:

WCCCD’s Critical Conversation Podcast was pleased to have guest Lou Fintor, who serves as the Diplomat-in-Residence for Michigan, Indiana, Ohio and Kentucky, share his work experiences while abroad and provide tips for listeners who may be interested in pursuing a career in the foreign and civil service office with the U.S. Department of State.

  Podcast 14:

In this podcast, Shawn Pomaville-Size, executive director of the MotorCities National Heritage Partnership Inc., provides insight into the value of preserving, interpreting and promoting the automotive and labor heritage of the State of Michigan. 

  Podcast 13:

Learn about the benefits of connectivity, smart cities and the future of mobility in this podcast featuring guest Eric Gannaway who serves as the Mobility Division Intelligent Traffic Systems Senior Sales Executive for SIEMENS. 

  Podcast 12:

During this podcast, founder and CEO of the BTL Group, Jonathan Quarles talks about his experiences as a successful entrepreneur, angel investor and global citizen diplomat.  He also offers advice on how others can pursue their dreams.

  Podcast 11:

In episode 11, host Ed Clemente welcomes guest Fay Beydoun, Executive Director of the American Arab Chamber of Commerce, to discuss her work experience with the business community at the local, national and international level. Ms. Beydoun, who also serves as the Chief Operating Officer of TEJARA, is dedicated to advancing economic relations between the United States and other countries.

  Podcast 10:

Tune into to our latest podcast featuring Marion Reich who serves as the Executive Director of Global Ties Detroit.  This non-profit organization administers international exchange programs on behalf of U.S. governmental organizations with the mission of promoting diplomacy. 

  Podcast 9:

In this podcast, host Ed Clemente and Marc Corriveau, vice president of corporate government affairs for the Henry Ford Health System, talk about the latest topics affecting the healthcare industry. 

  Podcast 8:

Tune into this podcast with guest Jeffrey Donofrio, director of workforce development for Detroit Mayor Duggan, to learn about the current and future workforce development trends affecting our region. 

  Podcast 7:

In this podcast, professional genealogist Carolyn Carter provides tools and tips on how to start researching family history and making connections using genealogical methods.  Listeners can learn how to access online resources and ways to research ancestors outside of the United States.  Ms. Carter, WCCCD’s Chief Development Officer, has been teaching genealogy beginner courses for over six years and researching ancestry and genealogy for over 20 years.

  Podcast 6:

Tune into episode six of the Critical Conversations Podcast to hear Ms. Carla Walker-Miller, president and CEO of Walker-Miller Energy Services LLC, discuss the importance of energy efficiency and how this initiative positively impacts Michigan’s economic future.

  Podcast 5:

In episode five, Dr. Larry Alexander, president and CEO of the Detroit Metro Convention & Visitors Bureau, provides insight into the economic transformation of Metro Detroit and how it continues to positively impact our region.

  Podcast 4:

In this episode, WCCCD's Critical Conversations Podcast welcomes Tiffany Gunter, interim CEO of the Regional Transit Authority of Southeast Michigan, to discuss the impact and future outlook of regional transit in our region.

  Podcast 3:

This special edition of WCCCD’s Critical Conversations Podcast features Dr. William Pickard who shares his perspective on business success while discussing his best-selling book, Millionaire Moves, Seven Proven Principles of Entrepreneurship.

  Podcast 2:

WCCCD’s Critical Conversations Podcast host Ed Clemente welcomes Nasser Beydoun, vice president of multicultural marketing at Bassett & Bassett, to discuss economic development opportunities impacting Southeast Michigan.

  Podcast 1:

Welcome to WCCCD’s inaugural Critical Conversations Podcast!  Host Ed Clemente interviews James Robinson, manager/director of WCCCD’s Regional Training Center located at the Eastern Campus, who shares information about the college’s new Truck Driving Training Program along with updates as to how WCCCD is working to meet the demands of economic and workforce trends that impact Southeast Michigan. 

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