Northwest Campus

Laboratory Sciences Building

Liboratory Sciences Building

The Laboratory Sciences Building (LSB) is host to the laboratory science courses at the Northwest Campus. It is conveniently located just beyond the campus entrance and is connected to the Welcome Center which houses the Student Services Departments. The connecting corridor allows students to access services without having to endure the outside elements. The Laboratory Sciences Building includes 12 classrooms (6 Labs and 6 Lecture rooms) including  a 230 seat lecture room. This room is designed auditorium-style with 2 sections that can be partitioned off to include or exclude 100 additional seats (50 on each side). This room has audio visual capabilities which makes it suitable for presentations. Additionally, it has a large screen for viewing and dividing walls that be used to separate the area into 5 additional classrooms. The LSB has six rooms suitable for Large Group Instruction ( 50+ seats) and state of the art laboratories. A striking feature of this building is the lower level which includes an atrium with plant life that could be used to support Botany courses.