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Positive Attendance Reporting



  • Take attendance at every class session.
  • Report all students who attended by recording a “1” on your class roster in Webgate.
    • Note: (Complete the reporting often; Do not wait until your deadline to report students who are in attendance).
  • At the end of your scheduled reporting period, record a “0” for students who never attended class.
    For additional assistance, please contact the Campus President’s Office


Step-by-Step Instructions for Online Attendance Reporting via Faculty Webgate


  • Log into Webgate. (in order to assure proper attendance reporting, we encourage you to log into Webgate periodically during the first three weeks of classes and report attendance).


  • Click on Faculty & Advisors on the Main Menu page.
  • Select Mid Term Grades from the list that appears on the Faculty & Advisors page.
  • Select a Term and Submit.
  • Select a course from the CRN: drop down box, click the Submit button.


  • Input the appropriate attendance mark for each student (see below example). Please remember to submit attendance for each student, and not leave any student "unmarked". You may grade one, several, or all of the students at a time by clicking the submit button.
  • If a student already has a grade of W or AU posted, please do not enter anything for the student. If you believe that the student should not be withdrawn or graded as an audit student, please refer the student to the Office of Student Records and Registration.
  • When you have completed entering your attendance for that course, click Submit.


Colleges are required by both federal and state agencies to maintain accurate auditable records of student enrollment and attendance. Faculty members provide the principal basis of assuring compliance of attendance reporting as an important function of their faculty responsibilities.

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