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Adjunct faculty Spot Light
Faculty Brown Bag Resource Series
Adjunct faculty Spot Light
Adjunct Faculty Spotlight Series

Bakka Rasheed Shabazz

Geoffrey Le Platte Ph.D.
Disciplines: Biology (BIO) & Water and Environmental Technology (WET)
Regina Scott
Discipline:  Computer Information Systems (CIS)
Marty Depowski
Discipline: Automotive Service Technology (AUT)

A native of Trinidad and Tobago, Dr. Geoffrey Le Platte attended the University of Michigan on an athletic scholarship graduating with degrees in Microbiology and Epidemiology and a doctorate in Environmental Health Science (Water Quality Major).  

Quote:  “I love students and recognize very quickly that many of our students enter the academy with many gifts and skills. As mentor and coach, it’s fitting to remind them that they also contribute to the richness of the learning environment.”

A proud graduate of McKenzie H.S.in Detroit, instructor Scott has earned; a Bachelor of Business Administration Degree (Davenport University), Master of Science Degree in Information Technology (Lawrence Technological University) and currently holds a 4.0 in the PhD Business and Technology program at Capella University.

Quote:   “I love to make a mark in an individual’s life that will never ever be erased”.

Marty Depowski joined WCCCD in 2007 and is an instructor in Automotive Service Technology. An ASE Master Technician, Depowski currently teaches for the Ford Motor Co. Youth and Adult Automotive Training Center (YAATC) Program preparing students for employment at Ford dealerships.

Quote:  “I am an advocate of alternative fuels for motor vehicles; I am a small scale bio diesel producer and usually run my car and boat on fuel that I make.”

Adjunct Faculty in the Spotlight
Educators Create WCCCD Faculty Art Exhibition

Title: "Jessica & Ron" - Ron in Memorium
Designer: Lin Baum
Discipline: Art

Title: "Infinite Awareness"
Designer: Scott Boman
Discipline: Physics & Physical Science

Title: "The Moment" and "The Wind God"
Designer: Lourie Davis
Discipline: Career and Professional Development

Title: "Freedom Fighters"
Designer: Linda Kennedy
Discipline: English

Title: "Don't Shoot!"
Designer: Melissa Machnee
Discipline: Artistic Welding

Title: "Still Life with Ghecko"
"Two Roles of Water"
Designer: Pete Sutliff
Discipline: Biology

Title: "Pop Bloom I & II"
"Pear and 3 Pears"
Designer: Adwoa Muwzea
Discipline: Humanities


Additional Contributors not photographed

  • Deborah Demitrish (Computer Information Systems)
  • Michael Gardner (Art)
  • William “Bill” Sanders (Photography)
  • James Schaefer (English)
  • Kirby D. Smith (Art)


Colleges are required by both federal and state agencies to maintain accurate auditable records of student enrollment and attendance. Faculty members provide the principal basis of assuring compliance of attendance reporting as an important function of their faculty responsibilities.

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