Student Blackboard Orientation
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Course Menu
  1. To navigate within a course, you need to refer to the menu on the left side of the screen, which is the course menu.

  2. This menu may vary in terms of what types of options, or buttons, your instructor has decided to include.  For example, your syllabus may be under “Syllabus” or “Course Information” and some courses may not even have a “Syllabus” button to click on. 

    Note:  Your syllabus is an important document that outlines the codes of conduct, schedule, and instructor contact information you need to know for each class.  It is recommended you print out your syllabus so you can refer to it outside of Blackboard. 

    Look out for important information: announcements (due date extensions, new information posted, etc.), syllabus, instructor’s contact information, course documents/readings, discussion board, quizzes, tests, assignments since there are multiple ways to locate all of these.

    Note: The course menu may be different for each class however, you should click on every button to get familiar with the information in each menu item.


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Course Menu

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