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    You will want to check for your grades throughout the semester.  Grades can be found under “My Grades” in the Tools button of the left hand course menu. 

    If you access “My Grades” inside a course, you see your grades for that course only.  If you access “My Grades” from the My Institution tab near the top center of the screen, you see grades for all your current courses. 


    My Grades Item Status

    The following table describes the symbols appearing on the My Grades page.




    Item has not been completed. No information is available.

    green check mark

    Item is completed, but will not have a grade (for items such as surveys).

    yellow exclamation mark

    Item has been submitted. This item is waiting to be reviewed by your instructor.
    Item has been submitted. Your instructor may review this item but not provide a grade.


    Item has been graded. Click the grade to view detailed feedback.

    blue pie chart

    Attempt is in progress. This item has not been submitted. To submit the item, see How to Save an Assignment as a Draft and Submit Later.

    dashed circle

    Grade is exempted for this user. If you do not complete this assignment, it will not affect your grade.

    red exclamation mark

    Error has occurred. Contact your instructor.

    head with question mark

    Graded anonymously. Appears with rows where your instructor assigned grades with student names hidden during the grading process.


    Click to view feedback provided during grading.


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