Student Blackboard Orientation
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Orientation Quiz

    You must complete with 80% or better to pass the orientation.  You will be able to print proof of successful completion at the end of this orientation.

      1.You can log onto Blackboard by entering:

      Student A number as username and student A number as password

      2. You can access your classes before the semester starts.

      3. Personalizing your account in Blackboard is mandatory.

      4. The two ways to access Blackboard:

      From college website by going to Divisions> Distance Learning> Blackboard 9 login.
      From direct by entering blackboard.wcccd.edu
      From college website by going to Divisions> Student Services.
      Both (a) and (b) is correct.

      5. The course menu will always be on the:

      Left side of the screen
      Right side of the screen
      Middle of the screen
      There is no course menu

      6. Which is not true? Discussion postings allow you to:

      Interact with your fellow classmates and instructors
      Learn the course material
      Discuss ideas
      Meet your classmates face to face

      7. Included in your Assignment details are:

      File attachments/information you need
      Due date
      Points possible
      All of the above

      8. Tests and quizzes may have ______ that are established by your instructor:

      Room for comments
      None of the above

      9. Your grades can be found under:

      Discussion Board
      Course Information
      My Grades

      10. When you need help with issues in your course, you should contact:

      Your instructor after you contact distancelearning@wcccd.edu
      Your instructor before you contact distancelearning@wcccd.edu
      Blackboard technical support
      WCCCD technical support

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