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Admission Requirements

Submit all documents by the required application deadline below:

Fall Semester - June 1 Spring Semester - September 1 Summer Sessions - February 1

  • A completed Wayne County Community College District International Student Application (with original signatures, no copies) for Admission form submitted by the application deadline. Please provide complete information. Incomplete forms will result in delays in reviewing applications.
  • Official high or secondary school transcript/certificate
    1. All foreign Secondary School and College credentials not in English must be evaluated by Educational Credential Evaluation (ECE), World Education Services (WES) or SpanTran.
    2. For Secondary School credentials: If selecting ECE, you must request the General Evaluation report. If selecting WES, you must request the Document-by-Document Evaluation.
  • Official university/college transcripts (if applicable) For College credentials and transcripts: If selecting ECE, you must request the Course-by-Course Evaluation. If selecting WES, you must request the Comprehensive Course-by-Course Evaluation. You must request that the ECE or WES evaluation of college credentials be mailed directly to Wayne County Community College District at the address listed on the Admission Application.
  • English Language Proficiency Scores. Wayne County Community College District international student applicants are required to provide the Office of International Programs and Global Partnership with valid documentation of English proficiency.  Confirming one or more of the following options will meet the English proficiency requirement at WCCCD:
    1. An official high school transcript from an accredited U.S. high school with the graduation/completion date clearly listed or
    2. Official TOEFL or IELTS results within the score range of: Paper-based TOEFL = 500 or above; Computer-based TOEFL = 173 or above; Internet-based TOEFL = 61 or above; IELTS = 6.
    3. (NOTE: TOEFL scores must be sent directly from Educational Testing Service and cannot be more than 2 years old. To order a test report from ETS, call: 609-771-7100. WCCCD's school code is 1937. For IELTS, test scores should be mailed from the IELTS test administrator to the International Programs and Global Partnership Office, WCCCD, 801 W. Fort Street, Detroit, MI 48226). Or
    4. At least 24 hours of college level credit from a U.S. college or university that    will transfer to Wayne County Community College District or
    5. The student comes from a country that uses English as the official/main language of communication. Students from the following countries, who use English as a first language, are NOT required to submit TOEFL / IELTS scores; however proficiency testing once the student arrives may require the student to take developmental English classes.
  • Complete a valid Affidavit of Support, Form I-134 if your sponsor is in the United States, accompanied by evidence of financial ability to provide for your education and other expenses in the amount of $15,190.
  • Statement of Financial Support (form must have original signatures; download and complete) along with Original bank letter from the student's financial supporter showing a minimum amount of $15,190 (More money must be shown for dependents, $4,350 for a spouse and $4,350 for each child) signed by an authorized bank official on bank letterhead. Computer print-outs are not acceptable.


Complete applications should be hand-delivered or mailed to

International Programs Office
801 W. Fort Street
Detroit MI 48226


  1. If you are currently an F-1 student in the U.S. and want to transfer to Wayne County Community College District, you must submit the following documents.
  2. Complete steps 1-5 listed above under New Students (above) and the steps listed below:
  • An International Student Transfer Clearance Form completed by the International Student Advisor at your current school.
  • A photocopy of your  I-20, Visa page of your passport and copy of your I-94 card (front and back) if your most recent entry to the U.S. was prior to April 30, 2013. If your most recent entry occurred after April 30, 2013, print out an electronic copy of the I-94 at http://www.cbp.gov/i94.
  • Submit all documents at least 2 months prior to the start of the semester you plan to begin classes.


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