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Academic Assessment and Course Placement

Scholastic Standards
Wayne County Community College District is committed to “open door” access to higher education for the citizens of our service area and to the academic success of our students. In order to serve the interests of its constituents, to assure institutional effectiveness, and to improve the delivery of services WCCCD conducts an assessment of its academic students.

Prior to enrollment the District requires first-time students with intent to pursue a degree or certificate program to be assessed in reading, writing, and mathematics. To best serve our students, the District conducts assessment activities to identify student abilities, interests, and needs. The Academic Advising staff will encourage students to enroll in courses based on the results of their placement scores to improve the likelihood of student success.

Exemptions: Students enroll in community colleges and register for courses for a variety of reasons. Because of this diversity and at the discretion of the counselor/adviser, exemptions from assessment will include, but not be limited to:
• Transfer Students
• Guest Students
• CS/CE Students

What is Academic Assessment and what do the scores mean?
Academic Assessment is a process by which the Academic Advising staff can determine your skill levels in English Reading Comprehension, English Writing Proficiency and Mathematical Computational. It is not an Admission Test and does not determine if you are admitted as a student at WCCCD. It provides the Academic Advising staff with the information that they need regarding your skill levels so that they can accurately advise you on the selection of courses that are appropriate for your skill level.

How do I schedule to take the Academic Assessment?
Students must have a government issued photo identification (passport, driver’s license, state ID) and their WCCCD Student Identification Number (ex: A00123456) in order to take the assessment.

There are no appointments are necessary. Students may complete the assessment at the campus of their choice. Please plan to stay at least two hours to complete the assessment.

Students are welcome on the walk in basis during the following days and times:

Academic Assessment Schedule
Walk-in, 9:00 A.M. - 5:00 P.M., Monday - Thursday
Walk-in, 9:00 A.M. - 2:00 P.M., Friday
Walk-in, 9:00 A.M. - 12:00 P.M., Saturday (during final registration only)

Prior to your campus visit it is suggested that students visit the following links to find out more about the instrument and prepare with practice questions.

ACCUPLACER is an integrated system of computer-adaptive assessments designed to evaluate students’ skills in reading, writing, and mathematics. For over 30 years, ACCUPLACER has been used successfully to assess student preparedness for introductory credit-bearing college courses. ACCUPLACER delivers immediate and precise results, offering both placement and diagnostic tests, to support intervention and help answer the challenges of accurate placement and remediation.

Nationally educators, counselors, and testing directors rely on ACCUPLACER’s quality and validity as they advise and support students in their academic and career journeys. Over 8.5 million ACCUPLACER tests are administered each year in more than 2,000 secondary and postsecondary institutions. ACCUPLACER connects over 2.5 million students to college and career opportunities.

  • ACCUPLACER helps high school and college educators advise students about course selection, preparation, and opportunities for success.
  • Placement assessments in reading, writing, mathematics, and computer skills to align students' knowledge and skills with course requirements.
  • Diagnostic assessments in reading, writing, and mathematics to identify areas of strength and knowledge gaps.
  • Skill-Building support in reading, writing, and mathematics to provide intervention tools that improve skills and increase readiness for college.

ACCUPLACER’s computer-adaptive design personalizes the test for each student. Each test question determines the difficulty level of the next. Final scores are based on the number of questions answered correctly and the difficulty level of the questions answered correctly.

ACCUPLACER is an online system, so individual student score reports are available immediately after testing. Reports include student test scores and information about course placement.

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